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Appeals are an essential part of the litigation. Successfully advising clients on their rights to and prospects on appeal requires a thorough understanding of the applicable rules of appeal; familiarity with the court system; and exceptional brief-writing and oral advocacy skills. Filled with former clerks and successful appellate attorneys, Riverside is equipped to handle your appeal, be it discretionary or direct, and be it in federal court or state.

Green Forest


To ensure your interests are adequately protected, it is critical to hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge necessary to understand, articulate, and, if appropriate, pursue a clients interests on appeal. Riverside's attorneys have handled appeals for their clients before the Washington State Court of Appeals; the Washington State Supreme Court; and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.


Further, Riverside's team is comprised of attorneys who have clerked for federal district, magistrate, and appellate court judges. Their extraordinary familiarity with the court system and their refined persuasive brief writing skills makes them a vital asset to Riverside's team and to any client seeking to protect their interests on appeal. 


Riste v. Baker Boyer Bank et al., 11 Wn. App. 2d 1067, 2020 WL 105102 (Div. III 2020) (Division III of the Washington Court of Appeals affirmed trial court's dismissal of all claims against Baker Boyer Bank and awarded attorney fees​)


Matt Crotty

Experienced appellate attorney

Mike Love

Experienced appellate attorney

Matt Mensik

Experienced appellate attorney

Casey Bruner

Experienced appellate attorney

Asti Gallina

Experienced appellate attorney

Max Archer

Experienced appellate attorney

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