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Riverside Law Group Prevails in Sexual Harassment Trial 

June 15, 2023

Riverside Law Group, PLLC trial attorneys Matthew Crotty and Matthew Mensik prevailed after a four-day sexual harassment trial where the jury awarded the Plaintiff $530,750 (Boyd v. ACRO, Inc. d/b/a Chico's Pizza Parlor). The Plaintiff, a young woman who worked at Grant County, Washington pizza parlor, alleged that the owner of the business propositioned her for sex, offered her money for sexual favors, called her sexual nicknames, and touched her inappropriately.  She further claimed that, after she was forced to quit her job due to the owner’s harassment. The owner, who was also her landlord, evicted her in retaliation from the home she was renting. The jury found for the Plaintiff on all claims, awarding her $30,750 in economic damages and $500,000 in general damages. Plaintiff will also seek an award of attorneys’ fees and costs at a future hearing. For more information on RLG's employment practice, please contact Matt Crotty at or Matt Mensik

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