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Riverside Law Group successfully defends local employer at trial.

November 18, 2022 


Matthew Mensik and Asti Gallina of Riverside Law Group, PLLC successfully defended a local small business and its owner at trial in Spokane County Superior Court in November of 2022.  The plaintiff asserted several partnership and employment related claims against Cadable, LLC, a local Managed IT company, and its owner, seeking a partnership buyout, unpaid wages, and repayment of a $20,000 loan.  Mensik and Gallina appeared on the case less than four months before trial, dismissed a key partnership claim on summary judgment, then tried the remaining claims to a twelve-person jury during a week-long trial.  The jury found against the plaintiff on his employment related claims and only award $5,000 to the plaintiff for unjust enrichment. 


Naccarato v. Cadable, LLC et. al., Spokane County Superior Court, Cause No. 19-2-04284-32. 

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