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Riverside Law Group Prevails on Appeal in Discrimination and Retaliation Claim

December 29, 2022 


Riverside Law Group's Matt Crotty obtained an appellate victory before Division III of the Court of Appeals for the State of Washington in a discrimination and retaliation matter. Riverside Law Group represented a worker who was discriminated and retaliated against on account of his disability/L&I claims. Riverside Law Group won the case at an arbitration for the client. The defendants appealed and asked for a trial de novo, but in doing so, failed to follow the statutory process. Since the defendant did not follow the proper appeal process, Riverside Law Group argued the appeal was improper and should be stricken. The trial court grated that request and Division III affirmed the trial court’s decision.

For more information regarding Riverside Law Group, PLLC's employment discrimination and retaliation practice, please contact Matt Crotty at

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